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Why Join SWE?
Ask a dozen members which benefit of SWE membership they most value, and you will likely get several different responses. For some members, it is the professional support and networking opportunities. For other members, it is the leadership opportunities.

SWE Savannah Coastal Empire provides its members access to job openings submitted to us by local recruiters, monthly meetings, an opportunity to participate in our outreach activities, and access to our network of local women engineers.


The national website allows you access to multiple tools to enhance your leadership, job skills, education, outreach, change jobs and much more while being a member.  See more here.

Who can Join:
The Society of Women Engineers welcomes individuals and companies that support our Mission and Objectives.  You don't have to be an Engineer or a Woman.


Joint Memberships:
Professional and Collegiate members can join SWE and have a discounted joint membership with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), or the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at a single, discounted rate.

How to Join:
Membership in the Society of Women Engineers is handled at the national level.  Please visit the link below to the Society homepage for more information about the benefits of membership.


Join SWE


How to Renew


Membership Discounts and Types

SWE Homepage: www.swe.org


Gulfstream Dues Reimbursement


Middle & High School Students:

SWE has put together a program for middle and high school students interested in becoming part of SWE.  This program is free and is a great way to stay updated on outreach events and scholarship opportunities.  The program is called SWENext, please see what is is all about HERE.
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