Dance Robot Team


  1. Must Read Waiver & Attendance Policy for all Students attending the Team

Robot Team Waiver and Policy


1. Where are the meetings held?

Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club, 510 E. Charlton St.  Directions can be found HERE


2. Who should attend?

Registered and confirmed students shall attend and parents/visitors are welcome to attend if they are curious but please don't take focus away from the tasks.  Be warned if you attend you must also follow the rules and stand up and brag when you arrive.  Everyone in the room is required to have a brag ready to tell the room!

Flyer for the event is HERE


3. What happens if I have to miss?

There is an attendance policy HERE and we will replace students who cannot attend the sessions.

4. When is the final dance?

The team dance to show off to all of your friends and family will be held on July 31st at 3:00 pm.  Celebration event to follow after the dance.  Video recordings will be available of the dance and we will load to YouTube as well.


5. Do I need to bring money or snacks?

Lunch as well as water and snacks will be provided during each team meeting, but if you have dietary restrictions or prefer something other than water please bring it or money for vending machine.


6. What if someone besides my parent is going to pick me up?

I am going to be late?  or I need to leave early?

Please let one of the volunteers know or e-mail and let us know that a different person will be arriving to pick up the student.

7. What should I wear?

School appropriate attire/lengths is required, but please avoid skirts and dresses as we will be sitting on the floor quite a bit with the robots.  Uniforms are not required.  Wear tennis shoes and avoid flip flops as we will be moving around the room quite a bit.

8. I have other questions:

Email any questions to and we will reply with an answer.



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