Special October 2019 Newsletter

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SCAD Film Feature: Fly Like a Girl

Join us to watch a movie!

 When: Saturday, October 26, 2019 - 2pm Show Time

Where: Trustees Theatre, 216 East Broughton St.

   Who: Family, friends & students are encouraged to attend - Tickets are $5


An in-depth view of a movement of girls and women as they relentlessly pursue their passion for aviation. With insight from those who dare to aim higher, Fly Like A Girl shows us women are in charge of their own destinies. This is part of the SCAD film festival coming to Savannah.

The director Katie along with some of the cast and crew will be at the movie and we hope to see you there too!

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SWE Shirts & Cardigans Order Drive

Order Deadline Extended: Oct 23, 2019

We are organizing another order of SWE Shirts and Cardigans.  These are great to wear in an office setting and on various SWE events! This Excel Shirts Order Form request provides info on the available products, sizes, and colors.  Those interested are invited to download and complete the form by the instructions provided in the top of the file. 

Follow the order progress on the webpage https://www.sceswe.org/swe-shirts

Volunteer – Gulfstream Family Day

 When: Saturday, November 9th from 9a-4p

Where: Gulfstream Picnic Grounds, Robert B Miller Rd

   Who: Volunteers needed to help support STEM throughout Gulfstream Family Day


SWE and AIAA together will be hosting a booth in the GAC family day on November 9th . So far, it’s just the two professional organizations; Jessica will be contacting more organizations to find out if they are available to participate with us. We are thinking about setting up the following 3 activities, all related to space (we are open to suggestions, but something simple since we just have 3 weeks to get everything organized.)

  1. Marshmallow launchers
  2. Stomp rockets 
  3. Column crushing

Two shifts available.

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Women in STEM Seminar

 When: Tuesday, November 12th from 5:30p-6:30p

Where: Garden City Library, 104 Sunshine Ave 

   Who: SWE members and prospective members (anyone who supports SWE mission and vision)


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Volunteer – Girls Engineering STEM Extravaganza

  When: Wednesday, November 13th from 10a-1:15p

Where: STEM Academy at Bartlett 

   Who: STEM Professionals

SWE is looking for volunteers to help at the Girls Engineering STEM Extravaganza 2019.  We've been asked to provide 3-4 other female engineers to attend and help with the activities they have planned.

  1. They will do things like: Introduce themselves and talk about what type of engineer they are and the work they do
  2. When attending ask questions to the class and give meaning as to why different ideas/designs would be good
  3. ​​Talk about the engineering process as it relates to your work/job or day-to-day life (no presentation needed, just discussion as it pertains to the activity)

The goal is to let these gals see someone they can relate with and learn what you do, and how it relates to the activity we are helping with.

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