May 2020 Newsletter

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   Instagram: @swe_sce

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Special Events with KeyInsight Consulting


1. Group Online Discussion:  Getting the most out of your Predictive Index report.  You probably weren't looking at the report with regard to job searches.  Well, now let's do that. Use this Doodle poll to find a time that works for everyone - by Friday the 8th.  

Can't wait for the Group discussion?  Review my key advice 

2. Have a Clarity Conversation.  Looking to get unstuck from your inner critic's never-ending loop or just get clarity on what you really want. People can use change to reinforce what they really want if they set aside space and time to get real.  
Sign up here for a 60-minute complimentary conversation.  No sales pitches, no strings attached, just service.

3. Find out exactly how you are holding yourself back:  Energy Leadership Index for those who want an in-depth right now (I call it the short cut to self-awareness).  Includes a 1-hour debrief after completing the 30-minute online assessment.  Read more about it 
here and contact me as I will offer it at-cost to SWE SCE members. ($99) 

As Brene Brown notes, "Asking for help is a power move" so reach out to your SWE community!  That's what we are here for.

Invention Convention Needs ~1000 Judges

Invention Convention needs SWE's help!  All of their judging has moved online for this year's U.S. Nationals competition.  They need ~1000 judges.
58% of their young inventors are girls and they want to excite them towards taking part in SWENext programs. So there is a lot to be said for SWE members engaging locally as well as nationally.  Invention Convention's existing partnership info with SWE can be found here:
The time commitment is ~2 hours of judging and a 90 minute required training session before judging begins.   There are 4 choices of training sessions from May 4th to May 30th.
Their website for info and signing up is here:
All judges will be asked to judge a minimum of eight inventions between June 3rd and June 14th which equates to approximately 2 hours or less of a time commitment. You may choose to judge more than 8 inventions if you have more time available.

Cancelled: Monthly SWE Lunch Gathering

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 – 11a-12:30p

Virtual Professional Development

Just because we can’t physically meet doesn’t mean you can’t stop learning! Compiled are some resources (mostly free) that will let you learn virtually.

  Who: SWE Advance Learning – for career and life online learning
When: Anytime, MANY training sessions and tracts to choose from 

  Who: DiscoverE
When: Fridays starting on May 1, 2020 from 12:00 PM EDT 
 What: Chats with Change Makers -
Learn more and register here

  Who: Smith Executive Education
When: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 
 What: Operating at Your Peak: Practices to Improve Resilience -
Learn more and register here

  Who: SCAD 
When: Sunday-Friday, June 21-26, 2020 
 What: SCAD Educator Forum (still in-person plan right now, might go virtual) -
Learn more and register here

Other Virtual Resources:

-        SWE magazine (past issues):

-        K-12 SWE Next Stories & Newsletters:

-        Some SWE Podcasts if you prefer to just listen:

-        Want to learn how others started their own business, consider these Podcasts:

-        Want to donate your time to help local students, or need tutoring for your student:

Volunteer – June GA Tech Virtual STEM camp

Whether virtual or in-person we are still planning to support the local GA Tech summer camp and looking for your help to make this happen!  GA Tech is allowing us to have our own SWE camp with the help of their staff!  See below for specifics where we could use your support:

What: GA Tech STEM summer camp for middle school GT girls – June 22-26 – All Virtual

Need Volunteers:

6/22 – 90-minute virtual session

6/23 – 90-minute virtual session

6/24 – 90-minute virtual session

6/25 – 90-minute virtual session

6/26 – 90-minute virtual session

Signup to Volunteer_